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Tips for Avoiding Onondaga and Westchester County Foreclosure

How Can I Protect Myself?

Avoid Foreclosure
Frequently, homeowners facing foreclosure make the wrong decisions early in the process. They may try to fix things themselves, or they may try to disregard the problem and allow the mortgage lender to take control. Such decisions often ultimately lead to foreclosure. Once the foreclosure process has begun, saving your house can be difficult; however, there are ways you can avoid foreclosure in the first place.

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  • Do not ignore your situation. Have you been sending in partial payments or no payments at all? Are you ignoring mail from your lender because you know you are behind? Be proactive. If you know foreclosure is a possibility, do not neglect the problem – contact Onondaga and Westchester County foreclosure lawyer Theodore Araujo as soon as possible to discuss your options before it is too late.
  • Read your mail. Throwing away your mail will not make your problems disappear. Your mortgage company may be sending you important notices, or you could receive important court documents regarding a pending foreclosure suit. Failure to review and understand urgent material could cost you your house. Attorney Theodore Araujo can help you comprehend the paperwork, file necessary court documents and interpret the mortgage company’s intentions and requirements.
  • Review your budget. If you are having trouble making your mortgage payment, you can trim luxury items from your budget. Expenses such as cable, gym memberships and lawn service are not necessities. Reduce or eliminate your spending on these types of items while you work on a more permanent solution, such as a loan modification, a government program or even a Chapter 13 bankruptcy.
  • Prioritize your bills. If you have other monthly payments, you may have to alter your payment schedule. Contact your student loan servicer and request a forbearance. If the situation is dire, skip your credit card payments. Your mortgage is more important than your Visa card, and unsecured debts are easier to manage. Onondaga and Westchester County foreclosure attorney Theodore Araujo can give you advice about your choices.
  • Understand the foreclosure process. Foreclosure is complex and has several stages. Theodore Araujo has years of experience with foreclosures and New York courts and can help you with any questions you might have about foreclosure.
  • Get help as soon as possible. If a foreclosure is likely looming in your future, you will have more options available to you the sooner you seek professional help. Contact Theodore Araujo at the Bankruptcy Law Center right away for a free consultation.