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Did You Know You Have Options to Stop Foreclosure?

Let Our Onondaga and Westchester County Foreclosure Attorney Protect Your Property

Foreclosure occurs when you default on your home mortgage and the mortgage company begins the process of selling the home to satisfy the debt. The bank accelerates your mortgage debt, calling the entire balance due and owing immediately.

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New York law does not require mortgage companies to notify you of an impending foreclosure before they begin the process. The mortgage company can file a lawsuit against you for the payment default, and if the court decides in favor of the bank, or if you do not appear, the court will allow the bank to schedule the foreclosure sale. If you file an Answer and appear in the lawsuit, you can defend against the foreclosure and delay the process so you can protect your rights.  Even if you do not Answer, the Court will schedule a conference at which you will be able to provide the lender with documents and information that could force the lender to consider you for a modification!

If you do not appear the bank will win by default or after they submit a motion for summary judgment.  The bank then schedules a a foreclosure sale and publicizes the date and time for the sale. On the date of the sale, strangers can gather at a courthouse, bid on your home and pay thousands of dollars less than your home’s actual value. The bank itself can even bid on the property. Once the sale is completed and the buyer has paid for the house, the property is gone. You cannot get the property back.

If you are having difficulty paying your mortgage and are afraid of losing your home, be aware that there are ways to avoid foreclosure. However, you must act quickly to avoid irreparable mistakes. Foreclosure is a time-sensitive process, and the sooner you review your options and choose a course of action, the better. Onondaga and Westchester County bankruptcy and foreclosure attorney Theodore Araujo can provide you with important information about alternatives to giving up your house:

Onondaga and Westchester County foreclosure lawyer Theodore Araujo at the Bankruptcy Law Center can assist you as you navigate the foreclosure prevention process. Contact him today for a free consultation.