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What’s the most effective way for you to get out of debt?

Would you like to cut through the clutter of misleading information and finally get the facts about whether bankruptcy is right for you?

Debt happens.

In fact, most of the people around you are in debt to one extent or another. Credit cards, student loans, mortgages and car loans are a way of life for just about everyone here in the Syracuse and White Plains area. Your neighbors, friends, relatives and colleagues are all swimming in a toxic pool of debt.

Some people are able to get through debt problems and climb out of the hole. You’ve probably done it once or twice, too. You miss a payment and catch up the next month. It’s completely normal.

But if you’re one of the thousands of Onondaga and Westchester County residents who have been the victim of rising unemployment or a drastic chance in your personal life, you know it’s not as simple as cutting an extra check or two to make up the shortfall.

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Does any of this sound like you?

Your retirement account is bone dry, so there’s no more money left to pay credit cards.

Your home has lost so much value that you can’t possibly refinance and get a better mortgage.

The bill collectors are lining up for their pound of flesh but there’s nothing left.

They say opinions are cheap – everyone can have one.

And if you’re watching the Syracuse and White Plains TV stations or listening to any radio station covering Onondaga and Westchester County, you know what I mean. In fact, it seems as if every 5 minutes there’s another ad for some sort of debt relief. Credit counseling, debt settlement, refinance, bankruptcy – you name it, someone’s hawking it.

But you’re too smart to get sucked into the hype. You want to get the facts before you make any decision that’s going to impact your personal financial situation.

Good thing, too. Because bankruptcy may or may not be a good choice for you. Not everyone in Syracuse and White Plains is going to get benefit from filing for bankruptcy. Some families who live in Onondaga or Westchester County are going to do well by filing for Chapter 7 bankruptcy, others for Chapter 13.

Your unique situation demands a personalized solution.

There’s no “one-size-fits-all” approach that’s going to work for you. If you’re married then your life looks a lot different than someone who’s not. If you live in Syracuse or White Plains the solution may be different from someone who lives elsewhere in Onondaga or Westchester County.

That’s why your quest for knowledge and understanding can start online, but that’s just the first step. You need to sit down with someone who understands every possible option and can help you navigate through your choices. Once you’ve got all the answers, only you can know what’s right for you.

Do not be fooled by the outrageous claims of debt settlement companies.

Unlike debt settlement schemes, bankruptcy provides you with court ordered debt relief without tax liability or excessive fees while protecting you from collection activity. Bankruptcy can help you reorganize your debt or even wipe out your liability altogether.

To meet our clients’ needs and provide excellent service, education and support, the Bankruptcy Law Center offers:

  • Free consultations—there is never a charge to find out what your options are.
  • Evening and Saturday appointments by request.
  • Non-bankruptcy foreclosure prevention assistance—find out other options to save your home aside from bankruptcy.
  • Pre-bankruptcy planning—we can help you decide if you should file bankruptcy now or if you might need to wait.
  • Low fees and payments in installments—start moving forward for as little as $250 down.

If you are looking for a competent, experienced and educated Onondaga and Westchester County bankruptcy lawyer to help you with your debt or to stop a foreclosure, contact me today for a free consultation.

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